Research Assistant/Associate in Brake and Tyre Wear Emissions

Integrated Research Observation System for Clean Air (OSCA) is a project funded by Natural Environment Research Council working in conjunction with international organizations on measuring particle emissions from brake and tyre-wear. This specific role will create a searchable database of brake and tyre wear emissions by chemical and morphological structure from laboratory generated and publicly available data. Given the emerging large focus on brake and tyre wear this role will coordinate efforts with other leading academic, government and industrial groups to assemble the database.

The projects specific objectives are to:-

  • Assemble data from current brake and tyre-wear emissions studies.
  • Develop links with partnering organizations to collect and analyse existing datasets.
  • Identify gaps in existing data of brake and tyre wear emissions and plan experimental campaigns to collect new data.
  • Coordinate international efforts to measure and report new emissions data relevant to speciation and source apportionment of emissions.
  • Monitor and participate in new regulatory standards on non-exhaust particle emissions.
  • Link to partnering organizations running supersite measurement campaigns to ensure efficient uptake of data.

The post-holder will develop methods for characterisation of emissions of non-exhaust (brake and tyre) emission factors (mass, composition). The work will be housed within the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge and will report to Dr. Adam Boies.

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