Bishop wins EPRSC prize to commercialize the ‘SRF Decarbonisation Toolkit’ with FTA.


Justin Bishop won an EPRSC Impact Accelerator Account Knowledge Transfer Fellowship to commercialise the ‘SRF Decarbonisation Toolkit’ in conjunction with the Freight Transport Association.

As part of the Fellowship, Justin will develop industry-strength versions of the technology for the ‘SRF Mapper’ and ‘SRF Simulator’

modules, integrated with the well-advanced ‘SRF Logger’ and ‘SRF Optimiser’ via a powerful database back-end.  Justin will also develop a technical roadmap, business model and exploitation plan for the entire software suite. The Fellowship runs for one year, beginning in January 2018.

Aerosol Emissions Technology Position Available

PhD or Post Doctoral Position – PEMS4Nano

The European Union-funded PEMS4Nano ( project is seeking a researcher with experience in aerosol measurement of emissions. The successful candidate will be a motivated researcher seeking to advance measurement of emissions down to 10 nm and below for on-road measurement of vehicle exhaust. The work conducted at the University of Cambridge will focus on the development of solid and semi-volatile particle measurement. The research seeks to improve catalytic strippers for solid particle penetration for particles at and below 10 nm, while additionally developing new methods to measure semi-volatile species.

The two year project (1 year + 1 year extension) can provide funding for a post doctoral researcher or researcher with a MS degree seeking to do a PhD. For applicants wishing to complete a PhD, an additional 1+ year (3+ year PhD) of funding will need to be identified from personal contributions or fellowships. Project management and entrepreneurship are highly valued, as it is likely that portions of the work will be commercialized.

Further information can be found here: